Have you ever looked up at the winter sky and wondered, "Where did all the birds go?" Let's embark on a journey to discover the secret winter plans of our feathered friends!

āœˆļø The Great Migration

  • Many birds pack their bags (well, not literally) and embark on a long journey to warmer places when winter approaches. This journey is called migration. Birds fly to regions where the weather is milder and food is more plentiful, like flying south for the winter where it's warm and cozy.

šŸ  Winter Hideaways

  • Not all birds leave; some stay put and find cozy hideaways to spend the winter. These birds might puff up their feathers to trap warm air and keep themselves warm, or they might snuggle down in tree holes, under leaves, or even in snow to escape the cold.

Birds have amazing ways to deal with winter, whether they're flying thousands of miles to a sunny beach or hunkering down in your backyard. It's like they know the best winter vacation spots or the coziest staycation ideas!

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